7 comments on “The Grape

  1. OK that’s just freaky. I’ve had a few freaky things happen in my life. None of them involved grapes and none of them happened in my hands. Cool. You are really tuned in. The only thing that I would question on the site is, white is a bit hard to read on on the lighter parts of the blue background. I can read it, but it causes a little bit of strain. Is this one going to be devoted to Seth style talk?


    • Yeah, kinda weird, though any of a number of scenarios can “answer” what really happened, but, I tell ya, I looked *everywhere* for that danged grape! And, sure, another grape *could* have “lodged” somewhere…under the lip of the container? Maybe. Hidden between my fingers without me know it? Hey, weirder things…though all my “handling” of it from the refrigerator, to and from the microwave, etc., makes absolutely ZERO sense, not to mention the grape would have exploded from microwave use…well, I’m just leaving it as is. Makes for an interesting story, doesn’t it? :-]

      This whole thing is experimental. Just playing around. Will see if I end up devoting any energy to this or not…if I can get interest. It makes for one more thing “to do,” so yet another output of time has just been created (you know, if you BELIEVE in Time…). Yeah, a “Seth style,” I’m just wanting an outlet where I can write about cool, weird stuff like this. My other site is turning into more of a writing related site, and with its link on the Chisled site, which IS about writing, I don’t want to pummel people with the more rarified topics I like to get into. But, thanks for the “ergo” tip of the white on light blue. I’ll see what I can come up with. Would like to modify the site a little, since this is a ready-to-ue template.

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen! :-]


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