4 comments on “The Esoterica Challenge!

  1. I’ve felt thefts before they’ve occurred. I’ve felt doors unlocked when someone else left them that way. I can’t stand to be pinned down, nor cold…so I figure I might have died in an avalalanch in a past life…And here there is that nervous laughter over severed limbs…


    • Wow–neat! And, yeah, about the dismemberment discussion we had earlier–tres fascinating! Have you also given much thought to the “precognition of thefts” and the “unlocked doors” issues?

      Thanks for sharing, Karen!


  2. For long time, I stopped listening to the radio. I’d be driving along and turn it on, or walk into a store and the music playing would be at exactly the same point as the song I was currently hearing in my head.

    The exact place in the song is pretty weird, but being that I am NOT a top 40 kind of person, the song itself was pretty serendipitous.

    ONE time in my life it was actually a song I was involved in the recording of… on KBCO.


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