11 comments on “Ghost of Me

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  2. that is quite an amazing story – I had an encounter with some invisible entity (maybe it was me after all) that hit me from behind. my guess, it was an alternate reality that collided with your familiar one. have you heard of the miltiverse? instead of a Uni-verse there are an infinite number of -verses, i.e. multi-verse. this could be true if reality wasn’t really real, but just some kind of though that appears real, like dreams seem real when they are experienced. but when you wake up, the dream turns out not to be the reality that it seemed to be at the time.

    here is my post about my encounter – i wrote it as a DP challenge about surreal experiences


    • I most certainly do believe in alternate realities. :-] That’s what I think really happened; that I’d changed my actions that day, yet my wife and the other had tuned into and GLIMPSED into another, alternate reality that was very near a real possibility, until I changed my mind at the very last moment! I was literally minutes form home when I changed me mind.

      But, I tell ya, it’s one of the COOLEST things to ever happen to me!

      Thanks for your link—very interesting!—and thanks for stopping by, Jacqueline!


  3. My wife and her family have always been “aware”. One of the many stories she shared about her brother, was that he had dreamt numerous times of his driving a specific road (upon which he drove daily) and being hit by a semi – tractor trailer and surviving because he was able to duck down into his seat and avoid the perilous shearing of his car roof and anything else that might be above dash level. As the story goes, that recognizable truck at the recognized location, did in fact enter his lane and for whatever reason that particular day he did not put on his seatbelt, he was able to duck and saved his own life by following the guide of his dreams.


    • We all should pay as close attention to such dreams and thoughts as your brother-in-law. Wow. Funny thing is I’ve wondered if such a thing c/would save a life…apparently it can!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Paul!


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