2 comments on “Open Question to Ghost Hunters

  1. Of all the ghost hunters I tweeted on March 5, 2012, on this question (some 40+ organizations), only ONE group responded with a reply, Parachasers (tweet at @Parachasers. One replied to thank me for giving them air time–but ignored my question. Parachasers essentially said that there wasn’t much to go on, in that any communications are very short, so there’s not much to work with. I’ve found this interesting on my own, noting how short/truncated such communications are. But, I must say, I’m quite dissapointed in the ghost hunting community for this singular reply. Thank you, Parachasers for the courtesy and respect of a reply.

    As I was tweeting this question, there were many tweets from the same organizations I was trying to contact…tweets from them on the mundane and promotional.


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