9 comments on “Twilight Zone—My 25 Favorite Episodes!

  1. Great post! I’m so glad you did this. I love seeing people’s favourites. And again, what a wonderful, eclectic selection of episodes. “Nothing in the Dark” and “The Hunt” make my top 10 list for sure. Your love of atmosphere is definitely apparent from your choices. I must say, a number of these episodes I’ve never cared for, but seeing them listed as someone’s favourites intrigues me. I may just have to go and watch them again!


  2. Thanks–after having written it, I’m still thinking…should I switched this one for that one? IT was fun thinking about them. But glad my choices throw a psychological monkey wrench into my psycho analysis! ;-]

    Thanks for stopping by!


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  4. Thanks for doing this! I have not seen all the episodes you listed, so I can’t wait to get to them! And some of your favorites are my favorites too (Death Ship I like a lot and Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up).


    • You’re welcome!

      Ha, I read your post and posted my list, above, there BEFORE reading your comment, here! It’s cool finding others out there into the TZ, sharing the “shadows and substance”….

      Thanks for stopping by!


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  7. Some great choices here, Frank. Glad to see episodes that tend to get overlooked, such as “The Last Flight” and “King Nine Will Not Return.” And no fewer than three hour-long episodes! This would make a good little marathon. Well done!


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