9 comments on “The Boy Who Was Brave

    • Thank you, Karen, so sweet of you to say! Really do appreciate your kind words!

      Jesse’s story was really powerful, and I truly hope the audience doesn’t take offense at my interpretation of the horrific events that took place, but I really believe in what I discussed (and the audience allows me my opinion), and hope that sometime, somewhere, we can find a way to deal with all this violence. There just has to be a better way, since the tried-and-true ways don’t appear to be working….


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  2. Jesse McCord Lewis is the great-grandson of the Washington County Sheriff in the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Herbert Anderson Lewis!


  3. Jesse McCord Lewis was born on the anniversary of Alberta Williams King’s assassination! Alberta was Martin Luther King’s mother! Well done Jesse! Rest in peace!


  4. Jesse McCord Lewis is related to Benjamin Franklin, William Franklin, and William Temple Franklin!

    Peter FOLGER
    Experience FOLGER-(siblings)- Abiah Lee Folger
    George SWAIN-(1st cousin)- Benjamin Franklin
    Love SWAIN-(2nd cousin)-William Franklin
    Love Bernard-(3rd cousin)-William Temple Franklin
    Sarah B. Sallie Province
    Marina Ann Provence
    John Warren Hall
    William McCord Hall
    Nancy Lee Hall
    Maureen Leigh Welty
    Scarlett L. Lewis
    Jesse McCord Lewis!

    That’s incredible and Lewis is with Jesus for all time! God bless!


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