9 comments on “UFO Watchtower…Revisited

  1. Sounds like a great time! Fun to run into Ron. That happened to me once in Monterey CA Aaron Ritchy called out to me as I ate at my nephew’s wedding reception in the best seafood restaurant. The world is full of synch and coincidences. And are they?

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  4. Thanks for sharing the link. Wow, I found this story very fascinating and I can’t wait to show my husband (who is obsessed with UFO’s) that this place exists. I am thinking road trip in the near future. I had to giggle a little bit because I just went last Tuesday with my daughter to the History Colorado Center for a field trip and we got to sit and learn about the San Luis Valley, but I don’t remember them ever talking about the UFO watchtower (I’m sure that came much, much, much later than the time period we were learning about, but it still made me giggle).

    • Well, we’ve gone down there for many years! It’s been a few, since, but I’m sure it’s still the same, you just drive up and visit! She’s usually out there, hanging out and ready for conversations! I don’t remember how long she’s been there, but it has been for quite a few years….

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