2 comments on “A Guiding Hand

  1. These stories always give me goose bumps, especially since I’ve had experiences along these lines and heard of others even wackier.. like about a friend of a friend who was in a fatally serious accident but had literally been lifted from the car and hovored over it watching as it happened. Was the only one in the car who came out of it without a scratch. Maybe it’s true that when our time comes it comes… and when not… it doesn’t.


    • They’re so neat! And Grace paid attention to it, not dismissing it. We all have our little “trips” into the paranormal…the trick is to pay attention to all those experiences…we don’t have to know what they mean at the time, but we should at the very least be aware of them.

      Can you send some of your experiences! Would love to hear about them! :-]


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