5 comments on “Meeting My Oversoul—In Person

  1. Not to mention the fact that being open to the weird is a key ingredient in creativity. I heard creativity defined as putting together two things that haven’t been combined before. I also think those who are super creative know something about many things and see those connections. And often solutions, be they artistic or not, are inspired by the paranormal activity around us, synchronicity (whether you believe in coincidences or not) or simply born of naivety. Case in point on the latter: Wen needed to replace an electrical component in our heater. He pulled it out and bought a new one. When he went to use it, nothing… he tried other things, wondering if he’d misdiagnosed our lack of heat…. tried addressing the board, resisters, capacitors, all kinds of ers and ors. Finally he sat down with me, perplexed. “Is it possible that the old one (being 1993!) is wired differently, configured backward of this new one or something?” I said. “so that sticking it in the other way will work or rewiring it somehow the other way around?” Sure enough it took a non-engineer, to solve the problem, in this case a writer who daily has to think of unorthodox ways of twisting things to make plots work without being cliche… Sometimes having a little less information is a good thing. Maybe understanding our world totally isn’t a good thing. Maybe some things are meant to be left as mysteries. I prefer to think that is the case.


  2. My oversoul must have been out smoking a cigarette when my feet were in the air. I love the idea of guardian angels, higher powers, spiritual guides or whatever they are called. I just wish they would do their job. 🙂

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    • They’re just toying with you. Because they know you can take it. They have to actively help out their “lesser charges.” :-] Besides, you landed on your hand. You could’ve landed on your head. Who says they didn’t help you?

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