14 comments on “Floating

  1. Float STL had a rubber ducky (duckie?) too! Maybe it’s a running gag in the floating biz? Mine was not nearly as psychedelic-looking though – just yellow.

    Definitely a cool & weird experience. I plan on trying a pod next time I float, so I can compare (as I was in a larger room with a walled tub). However, I plan to do a lot of saltwater-floating in the Pacific over the next two weeks…

    Oh, and thanks for the evil clown reference, Frank. I hadn’t even thought about that…


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    • Ha–I hadn’t thought about Pennywise and “the clown reference” until after I’d written the first draft…then thought, heh-heh, Mandy’s gonna like THAT reference!

      Aloha and mahalo! Enjoy Hawai’i!


    • The ducky is just for fun! :-] Well, you should try it because I’d read that those prone to claustrophobia were not bothered by it. See it you’d get your money back if you couldn’t handle the enclosure. It’s such a cool experience! And my experience won’t necessarily be yours, Karen!


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