7 comments on “Floats Number 4 and 5

  1. Great. Eyes open eyes closed, same image, truly interesting. Are you experiencing this similarly to a good round of meditation or can you not meditate at all that well. My experience is it’s very hard to meditate. The closest thing I get to that is during yoga cool down, which I did today after zumba.

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    • I rarely meditate in a totally dark room! Always some light! Usually, when I can get into the meditation, I don’t have a problem, unless my mind is running wild like it sometimes does. In the pod, or sensory deprivation, all your physical senses are masked, so it’s far easier to get into this “weird stuff.” And if you’re already used to delving inward, it’s even easier and far more weird, like what I get here. I’ve talked with a bunch who’ve floated and never meditated, and they just don’t get the experiences I get. When I meditate a lot, I do get a fair amount of weird stuff, but nothing like I get in these sensory deprived pods. It’s light-years better!


  2. I forgot to add the following when I first wrote this, this morning (knew I was missing something!). I remembered it and has now added it (second bullet to what I’d experienced in yesterday’s float):

    “Also at the very beginning, I felt a cool/cold “breeze” flit across my face. This is quite interesting (okay, “weird”—my favorite word!) because in the pod, it’s totally enclosed! There are no breezes! No fans that deliver cool/cold air. There’s a jet in the pod, under the water, recycles the water, but nothing that spits cool air across my face!”


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