Short Stories

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

I have been writing short stories since I was a wee lad. Here are some links to those I’ve post on this site…I have not and will not be posting everything I’ve written. Some of my work deserves to remain in the dark for good reason(s). For those I have published, here, I’ve left them as close to their original states as possible, and listed their copyright dates.

I began my writing career writing horror, so some of these may well surprise you—but again, maybe not! I’ve gravitated away from pure horror, but am not above incorporating elements into my main stories. While I write toward the metaphysical and paranormal…sometimes I write a story just because the story is too good to pass up…because it just begs to be written. It’s not so much about trying to scare you or excite you…it’s about the story to me…about a story that just won’t “go away” until I’ve given it life….

And since these stories are not letting me forget them this time…or, as I prefer to think of it, they are coming back from the dead!…I have finally released a collection of the best of my short stories in Do The Dead Dream?, which was released October 1, 2017! Here’s my first review by, Small Press Reviews!

Additionally, Do The Dead Dream? is a 2017 Winner Best Book Awards in Fiction: Short Story Category!

The dates below are when I released them on my blog sites, not their original copyright creation dates. All original copyright creation dates are on each story’s post. And in Do The Dead Dream? I have included the dates of each story’s creation (copyright) beneath their titles.

I hope you enjoy them!