7 comments on “The Vision—One Step Beyond

  1. Went to the Rosicrucian museum near San Jose CA one time and was shocked to see it was all about tombs and mummies…pretty cool stuff. Enjoyed it even more than the King Tut museum I saw at the Nelson Art Gallery in K.C. I confused it with Rastafarian! 🙂


    • Ha! Good one, Karen! :-]

      Oh, yes, I’ve been to that museum a couple times over the years! Last time was, I think, 2–maybe 3–years ago, when I took one of my brothers to see it. Its still pretty much the same, but less mummies than with I first visited it over 20 years ago. Pretty interesting. And…as a KID…I used to get Rosicrucian literature mailed to my home! I never joined tham, but I’ve know of them forever. I’m just not a huge group-joiner, plus there’s still too much traditional religious symbolism, and such, in it for me. But, it’s still fascinating, and I’d go to their museum again, if had another chance….

      I enjoyed the Denver Tut exhibit twice, once also over 20 years ago (that one sems far better and, if I remember right, had more stuff in it?), and the alst one a couple years ago. I try to go every time I hear of it. Fascinating! I LOVE ancient Egyptian culture! Plan on writing a mummy novel one of these years (my favorite monster!)…..


  2. I, too imprinted on this OSB episode. Decades later it helped me correlate an older technology basis for the November 14, 1915. 22:30 hours, local, European, time event. I found the earlier basis for this V. earthly tech, and its further development post WWII. IT was used to accidentally cause a host of UFO reports (not angels) when high fr energy devices were field tested (one type fr on civilians), another, NNEMP, was tested against 2 of our own MMen missile complexes to inductively couple & overload ComConCommand3 electronics. These were night time tests to conceal the “carrier”. It’s a minor puzzle solved along my >35yr. path of UFO solutions. All found “connected dots” are in my book. UFO, THE SOLUTION. NO hardware, NO bodies. I am not a “believer”, but I am not a dis-believer only due to circumstantial and statistical factors.. From all the data, I can make a 2020 Gyroscopically-stabilized oblate spheroid with present technology.


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