7 comments on “Dog Gone

  1. I know that this would make a great opening line for a book… and probably will someday, but the following is true.

    The first time I watched a man’s life leave his body through his eyes, I didn’t kill him.

    Now, before you go all Dr. Phil, or Dr. Laura on me, it’s not that I really (that’s a much different story altogether) ever killed anybody. It was just this feeling, of guilt I think, that I couldn’t do anything. He’d fallen about 20 feet to a concrete floor, after forgetting to put a safety rope in place. I happened to be the first to get to him.

    Now, about dogs B^).

    We have Monica’s grandmother living with us, OK, not actually living because her ashes are in our curio cabinet. Sailor the Dog (the award winning Lab, but I digress) as a puppy was of the curious sort, and one day while Monica was dusting the case she put Grandma down on the floor. Sailor had to investigate. So he sniffed. And licked. The sniffing was a little weird, I picture the ashes on his nose like Al Pacino in Scarface. But licking…

    That night I dreamed that the dog ate Grandma…


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