3 comments on “Twilight Zone Art

  1. I love TWILIGHT ZONE! My favorite one is the Burgeus Merrith episode where he wants nothing more than to be alone so he can read uninterupted, gets his wish, then breaks his glasses. 🙂 A true reader’s nightmare. I think trading cards like this could take off if enough of us introduce our kids to Twilight zone as I have to my boys. I checked out the whole series and my kids marathoned through them. Max is a HUGE FAN.


    • I can’t come up with one single favorite…but can list a couple: And When The Sky Was Opened, The After Hours, The Arrival, and Judgment Day. Love these episodes!!!

      Thought the art work was great, I wished for more “Twilight Zone-like” scenes…the “weird scenes”…though from what I understand of trading cards, they are mostly “people” images. Glad Max loved them!


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