11 comments on “The Riverton Orb

  1. Interesting Frank. Cemeteries intrigue me too. Just imagining who these people are, what they did, how they died…I grew up next to a Cemetery and I always was walking around there, watering the plants and flowers that people placed there in memory of a loved one. Of course, i had to carry the water from the farm, No running water. Old stones, broken stones, so many years ago – what was the their world like? wanda

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  2. Wooooooooooooow! I also could not dismiss this all as coincidence. Who needs Stephen King or Dean Koontz when there’s Frank and real life? Only problem is. … if all this could truly add evidence to the dead watching us, does that mean we can’t truly ever do anything assured we’re by ourselves? I like having some privacy now and then. I find it creepy that someone could watch me at any time. Does that cross your mind?

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    • Weird things happen to me. And I have another post from this trip yet to write. ;-]

      I actually have given that some thought, Karen! People on the other side know when to butt out! :-]


      • People on this side don’t always know how to butt out, what makes you think they’ll behave any differently on the other side? She liked Owls…and now likes owls. What if she liked being a voyeur? 🙂


      • Because it makes sense to me. If we’re still alive on the other side and have all this expanded “view” of life and death, why wouldn’t they give us our privacy? It’s also what I’ve read from others who have more “experience than me.” But there are all kinds of rabbit holes this answer can go down, more than can be dealt with in a little reply! There are family issues at play, here, I’m not going to get into…and I can’t explain why an owl and not something else. It just was. And to be honest, I do also believe in other “entities” looking in on us…it doesn’t bother me. But, again, the discussion gets “large” real fast and is the stuff of books…but, hey, let’s talk this weekend about it! Great question! :-]


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  4. Interesting, too, to think about the name of the Twilight Zone episode “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”, considering that it was the site of a hanging. Was the name random, or did Ambrose Bierce, the writer of the short story, deliberately pick one that would connote death?

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    • Wonder if some have a “wider view” and are still worse than nosy. It would almost require that there be an overseer to keep the chronic voyeurs at bay. if a personality continues to exist….it might be only wishful thinking for us to assume good traits would be the only ones that survive death–like a wish to stay connected or an attachment to owls. Totally creepy and makes me think of THE CONJURING. Fun to wonder about these things but I’m OK about letting it remain a mystery. For me it’s more an intellectual excercise. Now if I’ll continue to feel that way as I approach death….who knows?

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