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    • Ah yes. I remember this. Fascinating. It would be pretty cool if things are confirmed that you couldn’t have been exposed to in this life. Then… yes… there are so many cool things about these experiences…especially when you sense it is right. The ideas of simultaneous/future/past lives bleeding into each other and affecting each other and teaching lessons for each other… wow.

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      • I haven’t had much to “do” with this life anymore…no more synchronicities and all that. But I do think about it a fair amount. It was a fascinating experience that “came out of nowhere” and blew me away! Like my tail gunner, Civil War, and Titanic experiences. I feel…that these things happen when a personality is ready for them…but we’re not meant to focus on them. We’d already lived those lives and are currently living a different one, so we all need to focus on our current lives with all their challenges and joy and present-moment focus! But realizing you’ve lived another life should give you a “sense of soul”…of continuation. Perhaps explain why or why not certain happened or didn’t happen in your current life. It should enrich your sense of self….and give you a better appreciation of everyone else around you! If you’ve experienced something like this, so have others…and maybe those others have dismissed their own similar experiences as fantasy…but I’m trying to show that others do experience this kind of thing, and things like this should not be patently dismissed! Not every thought is going to be a past or future life, but certain inclinations, certain musings or considerations have a certain gravitas to them and should—at the very least—be *acknowledged*. “Yeah, okay, I had that. Saw that. It MIGHT be real. I’ll give it consideration, because it feels like me or I’ve experienced certain things in my life along these very lines….”

        Now, as to whether or not aspects of these kinds of experiences can be proven, while neat and amazing, that should not really be the concern (though I do believe if one experiences something like this, yes, certain aspects of those lives WILL make themselves known to individuals exactly like they did to me here and in my tail gunner, Civil War, and Titanic lives). It’s the fact that someone experiences a *powerful* reincarnational existence/event and *acknowledges* that experience. In doing so, this will open up individuals to even more neat experiences of a similar nature…and will most likely allow the “proofs” that you talk about, Karen, to actually manifest in a person’s life. But one should not go into these things expecting all kinds of proof, is what I’m saying (and you probably do not mean that…just that it would be cool to find proof on something this, I’m assuming?). Does that make sense? It’s a subtle shift of perspective. Don’t go in to things like this expecting all kinds of proof or you won’t believe it: go into these kinds of things *acknowledging* the experiences, and if they are real—and not fantasies—you will end up experiences further corroborations as the experiences continue to unfold in their own way. In my more powerful reincarnational life-memories, this is exactly what happened. All the follow-up “events” unfolded in their own unique ways…like you see here for my ronin life…in my tail gunner life (https://fpdorchak.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/tail-gunner-2/), my CIvil War life (0https://fpdorchakrealitycheck.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/my-civil-war-life/), and my Titanic life (https://fpdorchakrealitycheck.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/the-reincarnation-of-f-p-dorchak/), though I haven’t detailed that out as thoroughly (yet) as the others, and I’ve actually met another in *this* life who also feels they’ve been on the Titanic.

        And, finally, given that Time in-and-of-itself is an illusion…as evidenced (if you’re open to the evidence as presented here) in this case by reexperiencing other lives-lived, then is it really that far of a leap to assume that our thoughts and actions can affect each other in other times, other lives? I’m not saying that we understand HOW this happens, but if the very mechanism is “open” enough to allow us to glimpse into other lives, than c/wouldn’t that same energy also allow for other “intrusions” into those other lives? Out thoughts, for instance? It’s all energy…everything is…and we don’t fully understand all that that energy is and how it permeates the universe. So if you believe in even just a tiny fraction of any of this, I don’t feel it’s that much of a leap to think that all time is simultaneous and that each life CAN affect each other life. Just allow it that consideration…and see if that allows similar experiences into your lives….


      • I hear and understand what you’re saying—and I mean no disrespect or “getting up in your grill,” Karen, I hope you truly know this!—but until you have a similar experience (think about the total weirdness of that “box in the attic” we talked about, now THAT is hard to believe, but I do believe it happened of who told me it happened! :-] ) that is so similarly detailed (and this is one of THE most detailed experiences I have ever had of this nature) and as powerful as I had, it is difficult to fathom…to BELIEVE. And I get that. Before I’d had this experience, I was highly suspect of other people’s similar experiences. But these were not just fanciful, daydreaming images—I was THERE. I FELT the surroundings, the EMOTION. The FRUSTRATION. The clothing. I do not doubt that this experience was real for one moment. And that’s the thing, it was my experience not anyone else’s, and I don’t need anyone else to corroborate it for me, or for some other “factual knowing thing” to show me whether or not it was “real.” I’ve already done that, and that’s what’s important about it. It came at a time in which I was [finally!] ready for it…and it came in the best delivery method possible. This ronin flew under the radar, there isn’t going to be record of him! And of course that further fuels the fires of the skeptics, and that doesn’t bother me. This isn’t about the skeptics—it’s about me. I mean, how else is something like this supposed to manifest that would have someone believe it to be true (providing you believe in something like this in the first place, because otherwise, yeah, you don’t believe in reincarnation, this IS all a pile of hooey!)? There will always be those out there who question, and that is how it should be. I questioned it…but after analyzing everything, having the follow-on synchronicities—I have no more doubt. I know what I know…and I finally DO truly understand this experience and why it made itself known to me, as we discussed this week. :-] I’m not being defensive or belligerent, here, I hope you truly understand that, I’m just trying to get across the incredible realness of it all in and of itself. Trying to expand the concept of “knowing” something to be true. And, yes, we can get into all kinds of discussion about all the others out there knowing their “things” are “true and known,” even though they contradict other individuals’ “true and known.” That certainly is another discussion we should have and I’ll look forward to having! But the short answer is that to each individual those ARE the truths. To THOSE individuals. So…does that dilute the concept of a “truth”?

        I think that will make for great conversation next time we get together! With great respect and love, Karen, thank you for taking time to read and comment! I hope I haven’t put you off in any way, and humbly apologize in advance if I have!


      • You didn’t “put me off” at all since I was basically stating that you have the deliciously of knowing… whereas most of us can only speculate. And all of us can only speculate on HOW it all works… regardless of knowing it works. It’s just plain cool to me that we are sophisticated enough creatures to even have a discussion like this, let alone experience it. Though sometimes I envy the animals their blissful naiveté that affords them peace. I believe… though I’m not sure I’d call it my truth. It is my experience. My truth is yet to be determined… I’m open to different interpretations of my experience. Was the box there? Did I just want it to be there? A fanciful imagination? Was there a trick of light? Was there something that snatched it away? What was that? Had someone else planted it there? Did I push it away without realizing my strength? And why didn’t I explore it further? Did I not want to know? I don’t know the truth of it for myself. I only know what my experience was. And that it will be truly delicious to eventually find out the truth of it… or the why of it.

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      • Okay, glad to hear! :-] Yes, it is cool that not only can we have these experiences, but that we can also discuss them! I even (on occasion) envy the animals their “casual” perspectives! But only for short times…I really like my human perspective!

        As to your box…yeah, been thinking about that one since I left Tuesday! It truly is wild…but some mysteries may forever remain so until we go to the other side…FREAKY!


  1. Not sure how I missed this blog post the first time around, but it’s fascinating, especially since I just finished “The Uninvited”! I kid you not, I was thinking about trying to find a hypnotherapist to do this very thing (well, the past life part) within the last few weeks, but I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. This makes me want to start the search again!


  2. Hello fpdorchak,
    From what you described, I do think you experienced a past life for sure. The way you describe how you ‘knew’ things, but did not necessarily see them… that is often how it happens. It does feel made up, but when you have emotion and strong emotion come through, it is definitely coming from a past life remembrance. I have remembered several past lives (many of them, so I could write my book on on soul and their journey through lives). It is doubly cool that you were able to verify some of the things that you saw during the regression. Thank you for sharing your experience!
    You could try to do a future life progression again another time?
    Your lifetime in Japan needed to come through for you in some way that most likely was/is relevant in your life now. Your subconscious knows when you are ready for something to come through.


    • That’s good to know, because I’ve never found myself a good hypnotic subject—for others. On my own, I’m able to do *some*….

      And, yes, for all else described, the emotional aspect of that experience was POWERFUL. Tangible. Unnerving, even. The more I’ve thought about it over the years, the more I’ve finally come to believe I had NOT made it up. It was far too real.

      I used to have an interest in—and studied—martial arts, and I often thought [since the ronin experience] that that interest must have also been tied to the marital arts interest. It’s since waned, and especially since having the ronin experience—which would also seem “par for the course,” once confronting a long-denied event, some other related current-life “cravings” might move on, kinda thing. But, all in all, it just all FELT RIGHT…the whole ronin thing. As I’d mentioned, it just felt like “me.”

      As to the life PROgression, perhaps, also mentioned above, there is no “pro” to go beyond my current incarnation. This is “it” for my physical expression. That even feels right to me. but to me, all Time is now, so it’s a moot consideration! :-] But I do think it was time to address that long-denied aspect of my existence, and has helped put to rest all the concerns I’d had about any “lack of interest” in visiting that part of the world. I do, now, actually have in interest in visiting Japan and Mongolia. Funny, how that works, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen, and commenting! And, as always thanks for sharing YOUR experiences!


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