7 comments on “The Reincarnation of F. P. Dorchak

  1. Muscle testing? As in kenesiology? So a once-baker’s upper muscles would test strong… a former belly dancer would have awesome abs? Not sure what chiropractic training would include past lives analysis. Should I assume there was other training or an inborn skill there?


    • Not quite…has nothing to do with muscle strength…it’s the weirdest thing. I’m pretty strong…and there were things he and others have done that dropped my arms like spaghetti. There’s a technique to it…and definite “metaphysics,” if you will. It’s simply the weirdest of things. Remind me at your party, and we’ll toy around with it!


  2. You know I’ve had these types of experiences (though not visualizing what I might have been – just having the results of those experiences bleed over). What I’m curious about though is whether you think a simultaneous or future life affects you now to prevent problems, warn of them, improve your understanding of them…. If so, why wouldn’t they also solve the problems of the other lives (the pressing, for example) unless we are supposed to go through pain for some reason.

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    • This is weird (my wife says that’s my most used word!)…but I swore I’d replied to this…but see no such response from me! Sorry, Karen! But what you bring up is a worthy question! I will have to create another post explaining my point of view on the matter!

      (Let’s see if THIS makes it to the reply post….)


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