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  1. This was a thought provoking and enjoyable post, Frank. I’m glad you wrote it. It is interesting, the different beliefs that people have regarding things such as beings from “Out There” or ghosts or anything unexplained really. I’m also always surprised at how closed-minded the majority of us are. We live in this tiny little world and somehow we think we’re the center of everything, that the entire universe revolves around us. I may have some very strong beliefs, but I’m not someone who falls prey to the dogma and musings of “the norm”. I don’t always have to be right. But I do always need proof.

    I believe in ghosts. And aliens too, as I talk about in an old blog post of mine ( http://wendylovesjesus.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/ghosts-aliens-and-evolution/ ) . I know we don’t share the same belief, but we’re probably more similar than you might think. I hate when people ignore evidence because of some ingrained idea. Many are of the opinion that you can’t be a Christian and believe in this paranormal stuff at the same time, that it’s either ghosts/aliens OR God, but not both. And that’s simply ludicrous. The Bible itself supports both ghosts AND aliens.

    Don’t ghosts support the idea of God? And if there are aliens out there, other beings who are living and carrying on as we are, how does that negate the existence of God? My God, Truth and Love, still made them, they don’t prove He doesn’t exist, they provide evidence that He DOES exist. It amazes me how people are willing to believe that aliens created us, but not that someone created the aliens. *Irony alert*

    And I’ve had a number of experiences which backup my belief in the supernatural. I watched a cup slide across the kitchen counter once. I was alone in the house, and ten feet away from it, and it just moved right there in front of me. But the big thing for me was a little more frightening.

    I woke up in the middle of the night, and I WAS awake b/c I looked at the clock and thought, “Damn. It’s going to take another 20 minutes or more for me to fall back asleep.” Normally I sleep with the covers pulled right up around my neck but this night they had slipped down, so my back was uncovered. I was lying there when suddenly a hand pressed against the back of my neck and was pulled slowly right down the center of my back. I could feel the palm and each of the fingers — and it scared the HELL out of me. Enough so that I couldn’t move. And as I lay there terrified wondering what the heck had just touched me, something that wasn’t there brushed my hair away from my face and off my neck to one side. O_o

    No, just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And it’s foolish to fluff off something because we don’t WANT to believe it. I’ve never experienced your “Silver Man”, but I’m not so self righteous that I don’t believe it’s possible.


    • Thanks, Wendy!

      Yes, it is strange how close-minded many can be. But I wonder if maybe some of the is FEAR. Because if you were to believe something like this—or anything else “weird”—you’d have to shatter some pretty basic foundational issues that lead one to doubt and ridicule in the first place. Address long-held beliefs that are not quite correct to the presented circumstances and event s people talk about like this. Like life after death. We’re not alone (and not just applying to space aliens). There’s more to life than you see. There are “those” out there to help you. That maybe that the life you thought you’d lived all your life was a lie (hint; no life lived is a lie…and no life lived is ever wasted)? One can shout the “need for proof,” but it’s already all around us…many just choose not to see it, assimilate it, believe it. And “scientists” are people too, rife with their own personal and political agendas, rife with their own sets of belief systems. Prejudices. And much of science sets out to DISPROVE. Not investigate, but disprove. You find whatever it is you go looking for. Yet science also cannot examine much of the “ethereal,” because it’s not set up for it. You can’t measure phenomena with instruments that are not intended for it. Most-to-many of this phenomena is meant to be accessed through the human mind, not an electron microscope.

      Your linked post often brought a smile to my face! Such passion! But this all falls on deaf ears for those who don’t believe in God. You don’t believe in any kind of Creator, and all you have is the trees. And that works for them. That’s their life, and they’re welcome to it. But, yes, a Creator creates everything…is Love that permeates all of Life…but I maintain we also have a huge, working, hand in it, in the nonphysical realms, and also help create our physical setting and backstage. Nonphysically. It all has to come (and go!) from somewhere: pick your belief system. :-]

      I’ve had many “supernatural” experiences in my life; I’ve been my own ghost (https://fpdorchakrealitycheck.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/ghost-of-me/), experience synchronicities daily (https://fpdorchakrealitycheck.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/synchronicities-and-coincidences/), met souls from other lives (https://fpdorchakrealitycheck.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/just-thought-id-say-hi/), had weird things happen to me (https://fpdorchakrealitycheck.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/the-grape/), and have heard my name spoken with no one around me. I believe in another world beyond, behind, and woven throughout this one. What happened to you, your “mysterious touch,” is difficult to address without context. What was on your mind at the time? What were the major issues in your life? Were you going through a rough patch? A lonely one? Did a family member pass? What are “you” about? Hazarding an initial guess is that it appeared loving and caring. Once you got over the initial shock, how did that experience have you feeling afterward?

      What happened to me might not happen to everyone in this life, but I believe similar instances must happen to others in other Times, other Realities. Obviously, at least that “Ellen” had her Silver Lady experience, and my in-law his “Shiny People.” I’m thankful that one of my brothers was able to glimpse this and remember it so many years later; to tell me about it. It’s neat.

      And I’m glad that there are people of religion out there, like you, who do believe in that which they can’t explain. Call it the supernatural…extraterrestrial. I know of and have met others of similar persuasion, and think it’s great! We must all keep an open mind. But we all learn and grow as we must. All of our lives have meaning. Worth. And there are “many” in the background, behind the curtain of life, who are out there watching, guiding, even helping us.

      Thanks for sharing, Wendy!


      • You hit the nail right on the head, Frank. Fear and the unwillingness to see what is often right in front of us is what hinders a lot of people. As you said, acknowledging and believing such things would require “unlearning” some of the most basic, ingrained ideas and long-held beliefs. And that’s one of the most difficult things to do — admit that something you believed was wrong.

        You’re right, much of what science is interested in doing is disproving rather than taking a logical investigative approach and possibly making a remarkable discovery. And that is a true shame. Because I don’t believe there is much (if anything) that is truly NOT understandable, IF we’re willing to open our eyes, search for the Truth and when we find it — BELIEVE.

        As a famous literary character once said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”


  2. You’ve had such an interesting life, with so many mind-expanding experiences. And most important, you have a good attitude about it all. As you said, these things can be taken as evil but why? There’s no provable reason to believe that. I really admire your take on the unusual and unseen and unknowable. And thanks for hiring my hand-to-mouth artist son to do your graphic. Laura is very lucky to have such a generous and fun hubby. “Hi” to her by-the-way.


    • Why, thank you, Karen, for your most kind words!

      Zach was a pleasure to interact with over the past week or so we did this! It was also fun seeing the genesis of the graphic from rough pencil sketches to what we have here. In fact, I’m going to interview him for a future Runnin Off at the Mouth post (http://fpdorchak.wordpress.com/). Maybe show the genesis from conceptual sketches to final product.

      Thanks for stopping by, “Inky”! :-]


  3. Very interesting post, Frank. I’ve never had an experience like this, but I’ve talked with aunts, uncles and cousins who have. No one’s ever spoken of a “silver man”, but of something similar — a presence or something that felt unmistakably like a manifestation from another plane of reality. And although I haven’t encountered it personally, I believe firmly in ghosts. (I’m less certain about aliens, but refuse to dismiss them.)

    To pick up on what Wendy was saying, how can anyone admit of any kind of spiritual belief (which, as a Catholic, I certainly do) and disbelieve in ghosts? Or flatly and categorically deny that alien life exists? That doesn’t mean one should give credence to every ghost or alien story there is, many of which are surely hoaxes, but being unthinkingly skeptical is as bad as being unthinkingly gullible.

    You don’t have to be a fan of the Twilight Zone, as we are, to know that there are worlds beyond our world. And your silver man would appear to be evidence of that.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Frank! Keep up the great posts.


    • Wow, how cool, Paul! It would be great if even one of them would like to visit this site and share their experiences. As to aliens, I have a bit of a different view on extraterrestrials, but I don’t want to share it, here (at least yet), because of a fiction manuscript I have that’s still making the rounds out there. But even with that, I think it’s not just a case of a prosaic “E.T.” coming to check us out. One day I do hope to go into it in far more (and entertaining!) detail!

      “Skeptics”: ANYONE, I don’t care who they are, who classifies themselves as a “skeptic” are close-minded and possess a doubting attitude. In fact, that is one of the definitions of a skeptic: to possess a doubting attitude. Sure, there are other definitions that go along with that term, as in merely “doubting the validity” of something, but there’s a far cry from doubting the validity of something to one possessing a doubting attitude (I believe this definition should be the very first one in any definition of the term). I cannot think of one instance where I’d seen or heard a media-interviewed skeptic who did NOT possess an obviously inherent doubting (and abrasive) attitude. One dude comes to mind, but I’m not gonna give him any air time, he so angers me. As you say, it’s okay to doubt things, I doubt many “photos” of so-called UFOs, but I don’t doubt they exist (fascinating aside: did you know that the basic “UFO shape” goes back to 1934, and a Romanian engineer, named Henri-Marie Coandă? Check out http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/coanda.htm and http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/repcotst.htm). It’s not the SKEPTICAL mindset one really needs to correctly explore the unexplained, the weird…it’s the CURIOUS one.

      Synchronicity! Now, this is funny. Given my post, as I went searching through my dictionary, the following term caught my eye, in the first few pages, looking for “skeptic”: “Silver Jenny” (say it like Forrest Gump, cause that’s where my own mind immediately went!). Stuff like this happens to me every day. Love it. :-]

      Thanks for stopping by, Paul, and sharing. Because, if we’re open to it, if we’re open-minded, every day…can be like The Twilight Zone…. ;-]


  4. BTW, when I said that much of science sets out to disprove, I meant with *weird phenomena*. Science is great at looking at things within its Weltanschauung, but go outside it, and then it gets all funky….


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