3 comments on “Float Number 7

  1. Interesting you can sense a feminine presence and that you feel you are there instead of them with you. You are more of a yogi than most yogis. Sounds like another fascinating experience. Is Laura even tempted to try it?

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    • I don’t know about being a yogi, but appreciate the sentiment, Karen! :-] As to sensing female energy, I think sometimes the magic works and sometimes it don’t! I don’t know if that works all the time, but in this instance I did sense it. And you bring up an interesting point of view (POV)! Am I with them or are they with me? Is there a difference? Might be! It might just be that I’m discussing all this from my POV…but I have been sensitive to similar “shades of description” before…and don’t recall feeling that POV. Next time I’ll have to keep that in mind. As to Laura being interested, she’s not presently interested in it…and that’s okay!


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