11 comments on “Floating and Freezing

  1. Pipe dreams and news of mouthpieces…politics? Jerking legs? RLS?

    The cryo therapy sounds like hell … I hate the feeling of being cold (hell would be cold not hot for me). I believe in the possibility of a reboot. They’ve successfully done it with brains by inducing comas.
    Interesting experience. I’m not lining up for this type of experience, but it was fun to read about it.

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    • Thanks, Karen!

      The “jerking” is a common effect in floating…doesn’t mean RLS. I’ve “jerked” in my at-home meditation sessions. It’s just something the body does now and again.

      It’s funny how everyone I tell about the cryo seems to really NOT want to do it! It really wasn’t that bad! It is quite the unique sensation, I must say, and you do feel cold…but…it’s a DRY cold! :-]


    • Hey, Wanda! Thanks for stopping by!

      A “little weird” never hurt anybody! :-]

      I don’t meditate as much as I used to, but I still do it, and floating really seems to take it to new levels! When you throw in sensory deprivation, it really raises the ante! And the whole “freezing” thing…especially for a North Country Girl, like yourself, it just wasn’t anything like I’d expected. It really did not feel all”that” cold! Like you’re expecting for numbers that low…but the concept purely intrigued me!


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